Bloomin' Lovely

Bloomin' Lovely


A mix of beautiful blooms to brigthen up the day + spark positivity!


Bloomin' Lovely consists of high quality flowers and foliage chosen weekly by Eclipse Florals to uplift + exceed expectations. 


Each bouquet is unique from the next so you can be sure to receive a bouquet like no other! 


Please click here to read through the "How the process works"


  • All bouquets are delivered in recycalable kraft paper unless extras have been purchased.
  • PLEASE NOTE that small bouquets do not qualify for giftbags/vases
  • Giftbags will also incluse a water bubble around the stems (local delivery only)


If your order is sent via post please note bouquets are pre arranged and do not arrive as ‘letterbox flowers’.


    If you are ordering as a gift and would like the bouquet to go directly to them please put THEIR address in the shipping section.



    • Unwrap with care.
    • If your bouquet has arrived in an aqua bag, this can be left for up to 48 hours. After this, snip the bottom of the bag to release the water.
    • Add the flower food to water in a vase of your choice.
    • Cut around 5cm off the ends of the stems, or enough to allow the bouquet to sit nicely in the vase. For best results cut at an angle.
    • Place your bouquet in the vase + admire.



    Change the water at least twice a week and remove faded blooms + foliage to keep your bouquet fresh for longer. 


    Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential. It will not be sold, rented or otherwise disclosed.

    • Refunds will not be issued after 48 hours. If you are unhappy with your flowers I require photos + your reasons to be sent via email to
    • Refunds are not guranteed. All flowers are conditioned properly + handled with care meaning their vase life should be a minimum of 7 days.