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What flowers make the perfect wedding flowers, when are they in season and are they inline with my budget? Read on for floral inspiration and alternatives.

One of the tricky parts of being a wedding florist is when a bride wants a flower that is out of season. I do my absolute best to source them but sometimes it is out of my hands. In this case I will present alternative flowers which are the same style and the closest match to the flower that is out of season.

Kirstie went above and beyond to even get peonies for the arrangement (it’s coming to the end of their season).

With the wide spread access to flowers from around the world it is mind blowing just how many different varieties there are available. This can be overwhelming, so I have narrowed it down to some of the most popular, timeless blooms that make stunning wedding flowers.


You cannot go wrong with roses. There are more than 3000 varieties of roses, giving you a wide range of choice. As well as them being available year round, they are also available in many different colours allowing you to incorporate your colour scheme easily. Three main types of roses for weddings are the garden rose (old fashioned, bushy open heads), spray rose (5-10 small heads on each stem) and the hybrid tea rose (the classic, uniformly shaped).


Peonies are a fast growing popular choice for bridal bouquets and other floral arrangements. It is prized for its delicacy and impressive beauty. With them being available in every colour except blue they again like the rose can easily fit into your colour scheme. They are seasonally available from late Spring to early Summer but can be imported in the Autumn. When out of season I would suggest substituting to a garden rose as they are very similar in appearance. Keep in mind peonies are quite pricey and can quickly rack up the cost!


The perfect bulking flower! The hydrangea is increasingly popular due to their versatility and impressive eye -catching appearance. If you love the dramatic tall vase floral arrangements for your guest tables, the hydrangea is the go to flower to give the fullness you're looking for also making them an extremely cost effective choice. Hydrangeas are available year round.


Also known as 'Baby's Breath', gypsophila symbolises innocence. With its small white blooms it is a great bulking flower as well as looking stunning on its own for bouquets and arrangements. Gypsophila can last for a few days without water and still look fresh (unless the surroundings are too warm), which makes it a great flower to use for floral arrangements that doesn't have a water system. Gypsophila is available year round and is extremely cost effective.


The ranunculus is a cost effective alternative to the peony. They are known for their delicate, soft petals and longevity which makes them a popular choice for bridal bouquets. They are available in many colours, including white, yellow, orange and pink. In the language of flowers they say "I am dazzled by your charms". Seasonally available from November/December through to May/June.


The Dahlia is a bold, bushy flower which is perfectly elegant for Summer or early Autumn weddings. With their versatility and numerous variations, they truly add gorgeous texture to bouquets and arrangements. They are increasingly becoming a popular focal point of bouquets and it's not hard to see why. If you want a large statement focal flower the Café au lait dahlia is the one for you - sometimes measuring the size of a dinner plate! Dahlias are perfectly symmetrical and are undoubtably beautiful. They can be sourced in pretty much any colour but blue. Dahlias are available from July to November.

The list could go on, as there are just SO many gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing flowers in the world. At the end of the day the flowers you choose for your wedding are up to you. Your flowers, Your way! When discussing flower combinations with your florist, you'll have the chance to explore a tonne of options, honestly there is not a shortage of choice.

Are you planning a wedding and would like to have a chat about what flowers would work best for your big day? Head over to for more information or fill out the consultation form and I will create a bespoke moodboard with all the different floral combinations I believe would be perfect for the vision you have.

Thank you so much for reading!

P.s Happy New Year to you all. Let's hope weddings can get back to normal soon.

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