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i believe that flowers are good for the soul!

Not only do flowers look beautiful, they also have a lot of benefits.

  • Flowers help improve our mood

  • Flowers help improve our memory

  • Flowers aid relaxation

  • Flowers increase positive energy

With all their different meanings, colours, scents and shapes you're sure to tell a story with every bouquet.

When you receive flowers from someone your mood is lifted because it means someone cares + that is so important.

Moral of the story - take a minute to stop, smell + admire the flowers!



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Top Tips


Below are my top tips for keeping your blooms looking beautiful + fresher for longer:

  • Make sure the vase you will be using is clean. And I mean clean enough to drink out of!

  • Remove all packaging from your bouquet carefully + cut the stems at an angle to fit your vase

  • Fill your vase with fresh clean water + flower food provided

  • Change the water every couple of days + recut the stems

  • Remove any wilted blooms to avoid killing off any of the other blooms in the bouquet

  • Keep your blooms out of direct sunlight + away from heat sources such as radiators

It also helps if you sing to your flowers!

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